About Us

cindymorleyParents Changing Spaces is a family owned business founded by Cindy Morley in 2007. Through dedication and hard work she has developed a free senior living resource service.

Cindy has gained tremendous insight and a wealth of knowledge from family that has been involved in medicine and social care giving for generations. Members include doctors, physicians assistance nurse practitioner's medical geriatric consultants, social workers, who are presently active in working with Parents Changing Spaces.

This service was started by Cindy almost by accident after her elderly mother fell and suffered a closed head injury. She could no longer live in an unsupervised atmosphere and was to be discharged from the hospital at short notice. Thankfully Cindy had an extensive support network and was able to find the best community for her situation.

But Cindy realised that many people are not as fortunate - and that is when she and the family decide they could help others.

After personally touring and becoming intimately familiar with many senior communities she felt confident in becoming an all inclusive senior resource service. Even today the majority of her time is spent constantly searching for new communities that offer the specialized services her diverse customer base requires, along with maintaining a strong personal relationship with her established communities. 

Contact us today and let us evaluate your situation, you will find we are compassionate and caring people. Remember there is always a solution for every situation.

Client Testimonials
"Cindy I want to thank you for the time you took with our family in finding a place for mom. Through the many phone calls and meetings you were always positive and then located the perfect place. Mom is doing great."