Assisted Living Facilities In Michigan

What is Assisted Living?

assistedlivingIf a person can no longer completely take care of themselves, but is not in need of constant care and supervision, an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is the best place to be. Assisted Living is there to fill the gap between independent living such as a retirement community and nursing homes.

What services can one expect from Assisted Living?

Assisted Living Facilities offer a wide range of care that can be provided to its residents. In many cases all that is needed is help with daily activities such as eating, cleaning, bathing, laundry, dressing, housekeeping, or assistance with medications. In some cases closer medical supervision can be provided but is normally not as skilled or readily available as what you would find at a nursing home

Upon admission to an assisted living facility, a unique plan is created to cater to the individual needs. This ensures that the resident gets the care they require while maintaining as high a level of independence as possible. As a resident’s condition changes, their plan is updated to coincide with the change in the care they need.

Are there any downsides to Assisted Living?

While Assisted Living is great for the elderly that want to maintain some of their independence, it is not for everyone. Those individuals that need skilled medical supervision are better off in a nursing home. Assisted Living Facilities are not required to have a licensed nurse on staff, though some do. It is best suited for individuals that need non-medical assistance beyond taking their medication.

How do I know if Assisted Living is the right choice?

Many times people are confused as to the best option for them, or their loved ones. Parents Changing Spaces has helped place hundreds of individuals in the environment that best suits them. We base our recommendations on a variety of factors, including geographic area, personal needs, and cost – but most of all, we consider what is best for you.

Client Testimonials
"Parents Changing Spaces has done all the "leg work" involved regarding assisted living facilities.  I did not have time to research these places as I was barely finding the time to care for my father and my family."

Donna P.