Michigan Adult Home Day Care Service

Many assisted living facilities, senior centers and stand alone day care companies have programs available for adults and aging seniors who require only day time or occasional supervision.

They have highly qualified staff that can assist with all the day to day needs including:

  • medication administration
  • personal care needs
  • meal plans
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy

Special programming is available to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs by providing a wide range of activities geared towards groups as well as the individual.

Home Day care or Adult Day care facilities provide safe and stimulating environments in addition to peace of mind for their families.


Client Testimonials

"It is a relief to have a company like Parents Changing Spaces around to help you "sort out" all the details of assisted living. It is a stressful time when you realize that you can no longer care for your spouse.

Cindy helped me make an educated and guilt free decision on where my husband could live and receive the best care for his needs."

Jean P.