When It's Time For Someone You Love To Change Spaces...

Let Us Help Take Some Of The Stress Out Of Your Move

Change is not easy ... in fact, change is something that most people really resist. So when it comes to a loved one having to move or change spaces, it is usually pretty difficult for everyone involved.

A major part of this difficulty is simply the fear of the unknown. This is a whole new ball game and like anything else, it can take a while to educate yourself and find out all the options - including the pitfalls. This is where we can help!

You see, we help families, couples and seniors through the change of having to find a place to live all the time. Don't you think it would help to have someone who knows all the ins and outs, is knowledgeable about all the local options, and can help and guide you through the process? Of course it would!

The best part of this is that it won't cost you anything.

From Finding a Fully Equipped Nursing Home through to Home Care or a Senior Friendly Apartment in Michigan

There Are Many Options Available

Take your time and browse around our web site to explore some of the options. Unfortunately it is not possibly to cover every option here. To do that we would need to find out more about you and your situation. Given that information we can cut through the clutter and focus on the best possible options for you, your family and your situation.

Give us a call and we can have a friendly discussion to see if we can help.

Client Testimonials
"Cindy from Parents Changing Spaces was so helpful to me in deciding on a place for my dad to live.  The fact that her mom is currently in assisted living gives her an expertise that only experience can provide."

Barb C.